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Title: Thermal Arc Arc Master 200 ACDC # 10-3083A-1
Product ID: 614
Price: $3,299.00

Thermal Arc Arc Master 200 ACDC # 10-3083A-1




ArcMaster 200 ACDC

Tough, Compact, Lightweight... and Portable

ArcMaster 200 ACDC comes with:
  • Power cord
  • 2 ea dinse 50mm plugs
  • 12.5 foot 150 amp air cooled tig torch and tig accessory kit
  • work clamp and 15' cable
  • stick electrode holder and 15' cable
  • argon regulator
  • 12' gas hose
  • foot control with 15' cable
Quick Specifications
TIG (GTAW) Lift, HF & Pulse

Industrial Applications
Dairy Industry

Input Voltage
208-230/460 VAC 1/3 Phase

Rated Output @ Duty Cycle
200A/18V@20% TIG
160A/26V@40% STICK

Output Range
5-200A DC Mode TIG
10-200A AC Mode TIG
(60Hz cleaning 50%)
5-160A DC Mode STICK
10-160A AC Mode STICK
(60Hz cleaning 50%)

37.5 lb (17 kg)

Order Information

Part No: 10-3083A-1
Description: ArcMaster 200 ACDC
  • Excellent Performance! Embedded microprocessor with digital controls, delivering perfectly smooth, stable arc characteristics for E6010 Cellulose and low hydrogen electrodes.

  • Smart LogicŪ & Easy Link! Prevents damage to the internal components if installed to improper voltage. Multi voltage 208-230/460 1 or 3 phase providing maximum flexibility.

  • Thermal Overload Protection! Alerts the operator if the duty cycle is exceeded or airflow is blocked.

  • Easy to use! Simple, user friendly set-up and operation.

  • Twist Lock Output Terminals! Allow for easy polarity changing and cable connection.

  • Remote Receptacle Fitted! Allows remote devices to be connected for controlling amperage and output contactor.

  • Standards Compliant Integrated VRD! Voltage Reduction Device reduces the OCV when the power supply is not in use. This all but eliminates the risk of electric shock to the operator from the secondary welding circuit.

  • Job Save & Load! Allows operator to store up to 5 exact optimized welding parameters then digitally recall them with perfect repeatability.

  • Smart Warning Diagnostics! Alerts operator to power supply abnormalities.

  • Lift Start TIG! Provides TIG arc starting without use of high frequency.

  • Hot Start! For easy arc starts when STICK welding.

  • HF Arc Starting! Provides non-contact arc starting that eliminates tungsten or material contamination.

  • True square wave output! Highly developed balance and cleaning features deliver an unbeatable welding performance with extended tungsten life on aluminum and magnesium alloys without the need for continuous high frequency.

  • AC Frequency! Gives the operator control over weld bead shape.

  • AC Balance! Allows you to fine tune the AC welding cycle.

  • Rapid pulse output! Provides precision control over pulse on/off, pulse frequency, peak % time, background and peak amperage, initial and final slope times, and amperage.

  • Intelligent heat sensing fan! Operates as needed to cool components & reduce airborne contaminants pulled through the power source.

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